2024-2025 AMA Alliance Nominations

Be A Part of Something Greater

The AMA Alliance works to connect physician families to educate and advocate. Be a part of our leadership growth to help physicians and physician families nationwide.


The Process

  • Nominations/Endorsements: Self nominate or nominate others. Nominees will then be contacted by the Nominating Committee to be informed of their nominations to accept their nomination.
  • Declaration of Interest: All candidates will declare their interest for an elected position.  Candidates for the BOD will need to provide additional application packet information.  All candidates must submit a Willingness to Serve form.
  • Interviews:  Candidates for the BOD will participate in interviews with the Nominating Committee.
  • Elections and Installations:  Elections will take place during the virtual portion of the Annual Meeting on May 21-22, 2024.  Candidates must be in attendance.  Installation of Officers will take place in-person in Nashville, TN on May 30 – June 2, 2024.  Officers and all elected positions are encouraged to attend.



Nominations for AMA Alliance Board of Directors


Nominations for AMA Alliance Governance Council

  • Governance Council- Bylaws: Up to 4 members.
  • Governance Council- Nominating Committee: 2 Members at Large and a Member from each Region, selected by the Region.


Nominations for AMA Alliance Committees and Task Forces

  • Applications accepted year-round



  • 11/9/2023 – 2/1/2024:  Nomination and Endorsement Period Open
  • 11/9/2023 – 2/23/2024:  Self Nomination Period Open
  • 2/1/2024 – 2/29/2024:  Declaration Period Open
  • 2/29/2024:  All Candidates for AMA Alliance Board of Directors must submit application packets by this deadline.
  • 3/1-2024 – 3/8/2024:  Candidate Interviews
  • 4/1/2024:  AMAA Board of Directors Slate submitted with subsequent announcement
  • 4/8/2024:  AMA Alliance Governance Council Candidate Names submitted and announced
  • 5/21/2024:  AMA Alliance Presentation of Slate and Nominations from the Floor.  Candidate Mixer.  (Virtual)
  • 5/22/2024:  AMA Alliance Elections
  • 5/31/2024 – 6/2/2024:  AMA Alliance Annual Meeting and Board of Directors Induction