AMA Alliance – Uniting and Empowering Physician Families

Today, medical families are busy and concerned about their future. The AMA Alliance is helping with tools, materials and programs that are easily accessible, addressing work/life balance and physician family wellness. The AMA Alliance offers personal development seminars, workshops and events, and an array of discount programs that will deliver savings not available elsewhere.

The AMA Alliance making a difference through:

Advocacy - The AMA Alliance is one of the strongest voices supporting physician families and the future of medicine in this country. The involvement of individual physicians and their spouses is vital to the success of our grassroots lobbying efforts. Better than any professional lobbyist in Washington, Alliance members can give federal legislators the most accurate picture of how the issues really affect the practice of medicine.

Community - Your fellow members are one of the greatest benefits of your Alliance membership! Explore the different ways that this community can improve your life and your family’s lives.

Leadership Development - The AMA Alliance provides the opportunities, resources, and training you need to succeed as a leader in your local alliance, in your profession, and in your personal life.

Explore other benefits of membership

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