History of Health Policies

After establishing the Women’s Auxiliary in 1922, the AMA Alliance organization has been instrumental in its influence and national partnerships to promote healthy living. This rich history has benefited members and U.S citizens alike. Highlights of national health projects and programs include:

Post World War I

  • Instrumental in campaigns to prevent blindness through proper nutrition and promoting proper hand washing to decrease the spread of disease.
  • Promotion of AMA’s “Hygenia”, a magazine of comprehensive coverage on health topics with a target audience of mothers and older school-age children.

World War II

  • Auxiliary members participated in homeland defense activities that assisted community education in food, gas and tire rationing as well as home defense preparedness.


  • Promotion of the American Medical Association Twelve Point Plan for the advancement and improvement of public health for “All American People.”
  • Public Education programs on voluntary versus compulsory insurance plans.


  • Good Emergency Mother Substitutes (GEMS) course developed and promoted for babysitter safety.  
  • “Hygenia” magazine name changed to “Today’s Health” and renewed efforts for promotion to membership and general public.


  • “Today’s Health” magazine promotion for placement in schools.
  • Block Mothers Plan for child safety plan instituted.
  • Physical fitness, drug abuse, smoking, alcohol, and sex education package programs established.
  • Immunization Awareness Campaign begun.
  • Promotion of AMA’s Eldercare program.


  • Project Bank established to catalog past and current public health projects and advocacy programs.
  • "Shape Up for Life" becomes nationwide campaign.


  • New programs established targeting child abuse and drunk driving.
  • Health Awareness Promotion (HAP) Awards begun to honor county organizations for their health and awareness efforts.


  • Joins the AMA Campaign Against Family Violence.
  • A series of children’s workbooks focusing on conflict resolution developed including “I Can Choose” and “I Can Be.”
  • SAVE (Stop America’s Violence Everywhere) initiative launched.
  • “Hands are Not for Hitting” violence prevention workbooks developed in conjunction with SAVE.
  • First-aid kits provided to domestic violence shelters nationwide.


  • Created and distributed nearly 50,000 SAVE puzzles to more than 200 communities nationwide.
  • “I Can Handle Bullies” activity book and bookmarks launched.
  • “Take a Stand. Lend a Hand. Stop Bullying Now!” campaign.
  • Partnership with the American Legacy Foundation (later called Truth Initiative) for the Screen Out! program; mission was to give all movies which depict smoking an “R” rating.
  • Partnership with AMA on Healthy Lifestyles and Health Literacy programs promotion.
  • Promotion of internet safety with Faux Paw the Techno Cat “Taking a Byte Out of Internet Crime!”

2010’s so far…

  • National advocacy partnership with AMA addressing Opioid Abuse.
  • October 2015 celebration of the SAVE program twenty-year anniversary.